Romeo Ble : USB not recognized, but can still be programmed via another Arduino

I'm relatively new to this hobby and certainly to this forum, so please bear with me :wink:

I'm using a DFrobot Romeo BLE which is a very nice and complete board for robotic experiments. The other day, the board could not be recognized by Windows anymore (probably coz I did something wrong somehow), no port shows up in Device manager and the error is :Device descriptor request failed - and code 43

I found out that I can still program the board using another Arduino like described here : Using ISP to Burn Bootloader into Arduino | Tutorials of Cytron Technologies

Strange thing is that sometimes I have to do a 'Burn Bootloader' (via the other Arduino) before I can write the actual sketch (again via the other Aduino).

So the Romeo is still usable, but this is of course not optimal..

Is there any chance the Romeo could still be fixed ?