rookie questions

I have a metal plate that I want to know when it gets hit by an object.
I intend to use a Duemilanove and a Digital Vibration Sensor...

however, I dont have any instructions on how to connect the sensor to my Duemilanove ...

.. my sensor has 3 male connectors... 1,2,3 ...

where should I connect these ?

Post the spec of the device, and maybe someone will be able to help.

vibration sensor is a DFRobot Digital Vibration Sensor ...

not certain which pinouts on the duemilanove I should connect to?

for those looking, here it is:

there's no mention of a pinout, but i'd guess it would follow 1: Vin 2: ouptut 3: Gnd

but of course, I'm not sure about that. It really sucks that they don't tell you the pinout, did you get any documentation with it when you bought it?

that the sensor... there was no documentation and I have searched the web and can still find nada...

am guessing that I should use the analog side of the board

I can't see any active semis on the board, so maybe it's just a tremble switch with a couple of resistors.

Mind you it boggles the mind that people can sell stuff with no documentation. Email them for some. If your Chinese is up to speed you could try emailing the manufacturer DFrobot :slight_smile:

From the looks of the picture given, I say its GND, PWR (5v most likely), and a SIG (perhaps meant to be used with an interrupt, doesn't look like its connected to an analog pin)

Any chance somebody made this thing work? I always get 0's. If somebody made it work, it would be nice to put an example of how he did - it's the only sensor I can't get to work! :slight_smile:

Looking at the pictures on their web page the wires connecting to the sensor board go black, red, green for pins 1, 2 and 3. So I would assume that 1 is 0v, 2 is +5v and 3 is the signal wire. But I don't have one, so don't blame me if you blow up your Arduino...


I agree that the pinout is probably GND +5v and SIGNAL judging by the cable. It states that the output is digital so I would assume it can go straight into a digital input, and it says on the website

? The conductive pin will make an instant turn-on (ON) state when touched by the outside force to achieve the proper vibration force, or an appropriate speed from the (partial) energy.

? On-Time: 0.1ms

So I would guess from this that all it does is give a high pulse on the signal wire for 0.1ms when disturbed.

One of the pictures ( shows it connected to a "Roboduino I/O Expander. (

So based on those two pictures it appears

Pin 1: Black : GND
Pin 2: Red : D
Pin 3: Green : +5V

Those colors really don't make sense (neither does an undocumented sensor), but that's the best I can tell without seeing an actual board.

Just attach a microphone to the plate?

Couldnt you use a piezo speaker to detect oscilliation?

For the vibration doc, please take a look at