Roomba control board help ~NOT SOLVED

Edit: Turns out, someone else has done this, and made a spreadsheet! (Won't work with arduino sadly....)

I don't have any motor controllers for the original roomba's drive wheel assemblies, and was wondering what part of the controller board that was originally in the roomba controlled the wheels.
It'd save me time, and quite a bit of money.
And I only have three more days till I go back to school.
I'm thinking it would involve something like this, but I've already butchered the original connectors for the motherboard, and didn't think about leaving enough wire length on the connectors in-case I had to re-use them

Why did you start another thread on the same subject?
That's known as double-posting, and is frowned upon.
Original thread here:-
Controlling Roomba Wheels via a Uno?

Did you search these forums as recommended? There are heaps of resources on this subject, both on these forums and elsewhere. No one's going to hand it to you on a plate if you don't bother to research it thoroughly.