Roommate surveillance w/uno

I think my roommate is stealing out of my room and I want to have proof as they are not easy to talk to. That being said i have a couple of uno's and a sd card shield. What camera will best work for this application? I am an electrical engineering student so I have some decent C++ experience but, we mostly use VHDL's.

I would use something like this Mini-Camera-with-Audio-DV-A-DVR €6.66 free shipping

Just get a cheap motion controlled security camera example. The Uno won't work for this.

I think my roommate is stealing out of my room

Don't waste time on an Arduino. If you have lost trust in your room-mate just move out asap. An Arduino is not going to restore your trust.


Confronting with proof is just inviting excuses. Get your proof but only for yourself, you will not change a thief or a cheat.

Thanks everybody I guess I will just buy a security camera.

Get a little DVR like a GoPro and work on having it trigger and run 10 mins whenever your door opens.