Rope Skipping Device

Hi Guys.

I am just thinking of making a rope skipping device (without a real rope :slight_smile: ) with my limited Arduino skill.

As you can guess it should see if I am on the floor or I am at the air. There will be no rope. Just jumping.

When you increase your speed at rope skipping the space between you and the floor is decreases as you know. May be 1-2 cm space will be left.

What kind of sensor would you use for that kind of job?

Force sensor? Or kind of laser?


Laser. Use a visible laser that you can see.

Without smoke or so you can't see the path of any laser.

The red dot on your shoes shows when you're standing in the right place.

Is there a product you can suggest?

I searched Elevator Door Sensors and it says that it is Infra Red.

Take a laser pointer and a light sensor on the opposite side. Use a small tube to shield it from ambient light.

Alternative: a combination of laser pointer & regular break beam sensor - those that use modulated IR are not so sensitive to ambient light.