Rotary Contact

I'm looking for a rotary contact module that can handle at least 7 lines. I've seen many Arduino POV displays, but all of them have their circuitry mounted on the spinning portion of the display and are usually battery powered. This doesn't work for me as I want to use USB power and communicate with serial data. The USB cable is part of the appeal of the project, so wireless communication is out of the question.

So, does anyone know where I can find a rotary contact? I can't even find an entry in Wikipedia! Is there a better term for what I am looking for?


Better term = Slip ring - Wikipedia


I had to make my own slip rings when I did this many years ago, here is the diagram:-

Slip Ring! Who knew there was such a term?

Ah interesting, Mike. So, did another tube go over that one with a brush dragging across each ring?