Rotary Encoder help

Hi All,

I am building Controller Unit for controlling my Rover.

I was thinking of using a Rotary Encoder to control the speed, but cant figure out how to do it?

I can count the steps using this code but how can i use it to scroll through the values 85, 170 and 255?

byte A = 2;        // One quadrature pin
byte B = 3;        // the other quadrature pin
volatile int Rotor = 0;

void setup() {

    // set DIO pins
    pinMode(Blinker, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(A, INPUT);
    pinMode(B, INPUT);
    // Turn on pullup resistors
    digitalWrite(A, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(B, HIGH);

    // Attach interrupt to pin A
    attachInterrupt(0, UpdateRotation, FALLING);

    // Use serial port to keep user informed of rotation

void loop() {

void UpdateRotation() {
    if (digitalRead(B)) {
    } else {

Thanks in Advance

Were you able to glean any info from here?