rotary encoder scrolls lcd

excuse guys, do you have an idea on how to scroll different displays in lcd using a rotary encoder?

im using a cheap encoder. an encoder that increments.

i am planning to scroll some menus and maybe add a press button later to enter the menu. maybe ill use if(rotarystate && buttonstate) { }

but for now, my problem is how can i scroll menus displayed in an lcd. in my case, i have 5 menus. does anyone here already have a snippet for this? or they have already have a library for this purpose?

this is the very first part of my code, so i really can't show you guys a sample code. huhu. Thanks in advance tho :)

hmmm. i desperately need a help guys :'(

hmmm. i desperately need a help guys :'(

Homework's due soon, huh?

this is the very first part of my code, so i really can't show you guys a sample code.

You can't scroll a menu on an LCD until you can display a menu on an LCD. So, surely you have code to do that. With that, at least, we'd have an idea of what kind of LCD you have, and what size it is.

You need to define what "scroll menus displayed in an lcd" means. Scroll the text left and right? Scroll the text up and down? Cycle through a list of items?

Do you know what you want to do, or is this simply what's written on the homework assignment sheet?

For future reference, bumping after just over an hour is a good way to get ignored.

I just finished a project that scrolls through menus with an encoder on an OLED. Check out my site at:

@0miker0.. so cool dude. can you please lend me the snippet for the increment of color hue?? thanks a lot.

and by the way, does this library really works?

include "RotaryEncoder.h"

RotaryEncoder rotary(3, 4, 2);

void setup() { Serial.begin(9600);

rotary.minimum(0); rotary.maximum(100); rotary.position(20); }

void loop() { if(rotary.pressed()) { Serial.print("Sensibility: "); Serial.print(rotary.position()); Serial.print("%\n"); delay(200); } }

Just a reminder to myself to post something about my implementation of the same thing to share. I have menus and just implemented rotary encoder but didn't write a tutorial for it yet.