Rotary Encoder with LCD2004A

Good day.
I am new to Arduino.
Can someone please assist me with an rotary encoder to display on a LCD2004A?

Hi, @leon004 ,
many of us can help, but we can’t guess what you want.
Please read

and review your post.

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@leon004, your topic has been moved to a more suitable location on the forum.

Is this a homework assignment? Post the requirements that you were given.

Is this real hardware or one of those *^!(% simulators?

Tell us what Arduino board.

You also need to tell us about the hardware. That mean to post data sheets for each major component. If you do not have data sheets post a link to where you got the hardware.

What interface for the LCD? 4 bit, 8 bit, I2C?

The 2004 LCD is a character/text based display.
It will be impossible to display your encoder, or any image on that type of display.

You either need a graphics LCD, or to explain the requirements better.

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This is for a client at work. We are in the overhead crane business and need to supply an client with an display indicating how deep down into the dam wall the bottom hook travels.
It had an rotary encoder on it with no details in it,
What I have is Arduino UNO board, LCD 2004 A I2C.
Tested the the encoder and provides and read out.

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