rotary encoder


i am searching for a cheap way (-> arduino) interfacing high resolution absolute rotary encoders. pci interface cards are expensive and need an pci port and special software. there are some expenssive SSI to RS232/USB on the market.

does anyone have experience with reading endat, ssi or parallel rotary encoders? we managed reading the incremental values of an encoder.

does anyone know another solution for getting the angle of a rotation in high resolution (12-13 bit)? aan powermate-like device would be ideal. but the powermate's resolution is only about 1°.




I'm about to try the same.. I would use the SSI-interface ... But i was wondering how you connected the Sensor via SSi to the arduino.. Maybe it is possible fpr you to provide some code as an example or something along those lines..

Thank you very much for the help!

Kind regards Niels Göran

Do you already have the encoders? (Bad Idea, but sometimes a great bargain just can't be allowed to slip by!!) If so... the part spec will give you a MUCH better chance of useful replies.

If not, post links to the encoders that you think are the ones you'd like to use. Maybe someone can suggest better encoders, as well as answers to what you asked.