Rotary encoders with 2 push buttons

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a rotary encoder with 2 push buttons. Do these exist? Maybe the encoder on a pivot that will push 2 buttons left and right?

Any ideas?

Hi, what do you want the switches to do?

Do you want a knob that you turn to the left and a switch turns on, turns to the right and the other switch turns on, if positioned in the middle both switchws are off, you need a single pole three position ROTARY SWITCH.

Tom… :slight_smile:

I need the rotary encoder function anyway.

I also want the rotary encoder to be on a pivot from the middle, so when you lean it left there would be a button, also when you lean it right there would be a button and that's how the buttons are pressed.


You might have to make that yourself, rotary switches have a shaft turning
a disc with contacts on it, all rigidly mounted. A flexible shaft and side mounted
tactile switches could perhaps be added somehow.


Let's stick with normal rotary encoders then. Do the push buttons that would come as a pair exist? We're working on a project and would like to have a rotary encoder and 2 buttons, but would like them to look sleek and good.

Any ideas?

Hi, so you need a rotary encoder that has along with its encoder outputs, two outputs, one that is ON when the encoder is turned clockwise, the other when the encoder is turned anticlockwise.

Is the encoder a quadrature encoder, that is it has two or more digital outputs?
If so, you can do this with software, the software senses up or down count and you have two outputs, one for up and another for down.

Tom..... :slight_smile:

Could you make do with a rocker switch?|0

I filtered on those with a (ON) - OFF - (ON) switch function, so it has two momentary toggle directions. I'm planning on using one of these on my project too, though I've not actually bought one yet.