Rotary encoders - yet again...

... but not a coding issue. More hardware, and we're talkin' about the 'put your fingers on it and twist' type of encoders. The most common encoder, it appears, is the KY-040 module that includes a couple of resistors onboard but otherwise appears to be your everyday encoder soldered to the board. On the other hand, there are the plain encoders in the 'get 10 for $5' or so category along with an endless supply of how to wire the things for various reasons including hardware debounce. I can make them both work in various configurations both with and without an added 5vref.

The question is: What's the advantage of using one or the other, if any. I do notice the cheapies seem to provide extra 'bounce' for the lack of bucks.


Quality is a biggie.

I have a KY-040 module in the mail that cost me just 1 RMB.

I have also two PEC11 encoders on order, that cost me about 14 RMB a piece. Without the PCB, resistors, etc.

I do have the expectation that the second works a lot better better. Cleaner contacts, less bounce, much longer lifetime.