Rotate light platform 180 degrees OR Vertical Lifting

What is the simplest and cheapest way to lift vertically very light stuff (for example cardboard box) ?? The box should be pushed from below (cca 40-50 cm).

Maybe I have a simpler solution for my project..I just need to rotate a red platform 180 degrees... How to ensure that the platform stop at right position and whether the stepper motor is the best solution for rotation purpose?

I'd think servo is better than stepper. Vertical movement, you may google "linear actuator +arduino".

Which servo model would best suit my needs so it can rotate splywood plate (max 1kg) ?

An explanation of how to do this (only OPEN-CLOSE):

would be also helpful...

After some googling I came to this conclusion:

For heavy box lid - linear actuator

If they're not heavy - simple 4 bar crank-rocker mechanism and link it to a small stepper

Please help with more informations (links, parts, scheme...)

I have finally decided for rotating platform (180 deg). This is for me the simplest solution.. Help with instructions for setting up the platform and servo motor...