Rotating 2-DOF CD/DVD voice coil actuator

Hi there.

I am trying to build a xy-Axis motion system for controlling a laser, I had some luck with stepper motors I salvaged from old printers, but they are not the same and not accurate enough.

Since a MEMS mirror would be the perfect solution, I ripped apart an old CD drive to salvage the actuator, because it is kinda similar to a MEMS mirror.

This thing has 7 pins on a small board, going into a flatband cable. I can manipulate the position of the actuator with 4 of them. By pulling them high / low I can move it UP and DOWN, IN and OUT.

Look at this picture for clarification:

The IN / OUT movement is for focusing the laser, it moves closer to the CD or further away. UP / DOWN is for repositioning, so it can be perfectly on the CD tracks.

I just need it to rotate along the X axis. You see the upper and lower part, marked on the picture. There are like little rails where the lens is attached. By moving it IN, both sides, the upper and lower, move in one direction - in.

Is there any way making the upper and lower part move individually? Like moving it in on the upper side, and out on the lower, would rotate it along the X axis. Exactly what I need.

Maybe possible with a clever hack, or without any modification?

Really appreciate every answer. Thank you!