Rotating Stepper motor by some steps and delay till receiving signal from sensor

Hello Everyone

I want some help from you all who have expertise in arduino programming, my problem is:-

  • I want to rotate a shaft by some angle (360/N), where N = any no of divisions required of shaft. I have purchased a stepper motor (Bipolar, 5.5 kg-cm , 1.5 amp.) and arduino uno board and all other required accessories. for example - i want 20 division of shaft and delay decided by a photo-voltic sensors that is mounted aside of shaft. revolution step angle= 360/20 = 18 degrees .

please send me sketch of this problem.

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Vishnu Parmar

Most stepper motors are 200 steps per revolution which is 1.8 deg. You would need to move it 10 steps to get that.

Without more information on the motor (i.e. a datasheet), there is no way to know for sure.

Try a Google search for arduino stepper motors. You will get thousands of examples.

If you want someone to write the code for you, there are plenty of folks you can hire at the Gigs and Collaborations section of the forum.

Post a ink to the datasheet for your motor. Tell us what stepper motor driver you are using. Give details of your motor power supply (volts and amps).

Have a look at these links Stepper Motor Basics Simple Stepper Code

and maybe, also Planning and Implementing a Program


What are your "all other required accessories"? - motor driver? what type? - can it be driven by dir/step control? or - do you need to create the pulses, delays etc. by Arduino coding yourself? - are you going to use a stepper library? - motor specifics (bipolar? unipolar? datasheet, coil inductance, resistance ..)

Some more information would be helpful to give you a helping hand. ups - Robin2 was faster ..