round arduino robot board pinouts?

see the EAGLE schematic, but none of the tags match anything on the board... where is a layout/address schematic???

any help appreciated... the old eyes dont have fun pinning out with a meter these days...

lots of good info here:

and anyone trying to interface one of the dual cone ultrasonic sensors look here - its not english, but theres a link at the bottom for the code, it works, only took a few minutes to change it from stopping at a certain distance to spinning around until clear... works pretty sweet :slight_smile:

also, anyone else having the 'official robot board' loading problems- try just sending, then plugging in the USB, worked every time- and after a few loads that way, now it works 'normally' like it did when new... but after about half a dozen loads, it started hanging again, tried the send-then-plug in thing, took right off again.

getting fun now finally, the kids are dreaming up all kinds of doo-dads they want to program next :slight_smile: