Router recommendation

My ancient D-Link draft-n router seems to have died. Just wondering what folks are using these days, what works well or not.

We went to Staples and got the latest they had, Netgear Wireless N-300.
Couple of years ago now, still working great. 3 laptops, bluetooth player, Win Vista wireless print server, Dish Networks Over the Air DVR, Samsung flatscreen TV. 128-bit key.

NetGear - WNDR3700 - N600 dual band gigabit router (note I have fibre at home)

What I like especially

  1. both 2.4 (G) and 5.0 (N) band (5N is not as good as I hoped for)
  2. guest wifi network => so every visitor can use internet without access to my private network

use it in combination with RAID 5 storage server.

Thanks guys, I'm leaning towards Netgear as well.

Rob, I keep looking at NAS but haven't taken the plunge. Which do you have, how do you like it. Do you use it for general storage, backups, media, or ??

If you want a lot of fun networking features, and a ton of throughput - Ubiquiti Edgerouter or PfSense.

If you just want to to plug it in and have it work, Asus routers are generally considered very good.

Also, NAS's are fun. I have FreeNAS running on a little AMD E-350 APU Micro-ATX board. When I finally decided to set up RaspBMC on a Raspberry Pi, I just pointed the "videos" category to the video share on my NAS, and I was up and running in under 5 minutes. When my friends come over for a gaming session, they can just grab the game updates off the NAS instead of trying to download them from the internet. It just makes everything easier.

I have an Asus. I put DDWRT on it.

NetGear - WNDR3700 - N600 dual band gigabit router (note I have fibre at home)

I too have an N600 and I love it. It's the best router I've had, and worth the money.

I switched from the VirginMedia (fibre provider) modem/hub thing to the N600 as the provided thing wouldn't sustain two VPN connections for long (my wife and I both work form home fairly regularly) and there was no network controlled family filter option.

The N600 performs well, I get 50mbps on speedtest over the 5ghz wifi (best I've ever had), it handles two VPN connections fine and uses OpenDNS for family filtering, which means that it's my whole network that's filtered.

I was skeptical about buying such an expensive router, but it's been worth the money.

We have had good luck with...

But, we got it years ago. I suspect there are now much better routers for the money.

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I ended up with a Netgear R6200. Seems fine so far and easy enough to use. The user interface is simpler than other routers I've had in the past, but I guess all the basics are there. Doesn't have MAC filtering but my understanding is that didn't really represent added security anyway.

I really like my Dewalt 2HP router...

Sorry, wrong kind of router...

I really like my Dewalt 2HP router...

Sorry, wrong kind of router...

Can't beat that Dewalt stuff, there's a couple around here too :smiley: