Routing and NAT between Arduino Yun and Ethernet Shield


I'm Matthew, and I'm new in the forum and in Arduino's world.

Would it be possible to connect Arduino Yun and Arduino Ethernet shield and make do with each other routing and NAT?

Can I use the Yun as a router?

Thanks so much!

Conditionally, yes.

Conditionally? Can you explain better please?

How can i make arduino yun to do routing?

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If the Yun has two network interfaces, it can probably route. One for the WAN interface and one for the LAN interface. One can be wireless. It would be like a "Internet Connection Sharing" kind of routing.

I haven't tried it tho.

ok! Thanks!

But is it possible between the Yun and the ethernet shield using the ehternet shield's ethernet port and the Yun's ethernet port?

Can I take the line from the ethernet schield and transfer it with the yun's ethernet port? Like a single port router.

(I'm sorry for my english)

If you connect the wifi to another router, then I guess you can. That would be like "Internet Connection Sharing" like I said before. But that is a two port router, one port is ethernet and one port is wireless.