I am going to make a Rov like the one on this website I going to have 4 thrusters 2 for forward and 2 for up and down and lights also I want sensors in to check if there are leaks, temperature, depth and heading that sort of stuff I will fit it with on-board battery's and a 100ft tether and a camera to control all of this I would like to use arduino this is where I need the help I want to put an arduino in the Rov to control the motors and lights and to measure stuff from the sensors I want to connect the arduino to a computer and make a visual basic sort of program to control the lights and motors and to show the camera feed and to show all the measurements from the sensors but it has to be over a 100ft cable so I need some help with the computer program and what means to make them communicate

Hi. Look in your personal messages. Already have done all the and willing to share. I have used Bill Porter's RS485 library. Why use a computer ?? It's not the best way to view the data and picture.

Regards Antony.


I am new to this forum, and also new to arduino programming, so please beare with me if my question is stupid :P

I want to make a simple ROV, but I don't know exactly were to start. Hope you guys can point me in the right direction. I want to use an arduino mc subsea, onboard my ROV, to run the motor controllers and dc motors. I was hoping that I could use a simple tether (i.e. an ethernet cable) to transmit signals from top side. On the top side, I want to use another arduino to connect a joystick or gamepad. In this way I don't need to bring my computer at all time. Is this a good solution, or even possible? Are there any better ways of doing this.

Also, what kind of motor controller should I use. How can I be shure that my motor controller is compatible with my arduino (uno)?

Thanks for all answers :)