Rover 5 progress (pimp out)

between work and getting the living daylights beaten out of me by a grumpy bovine,
I've not done much with my Rover 5 chassis.

Till today!!

added chassis rails, trying to get the bow out, kinda worked.

lower deck

The wild thumper wheels give great ground clearance.

That's the upper deck fitted.
I had to stop, the drill ran out of charge!

Anyway, it's looking pretty good.
I am starting to wonder how much weight it can cope with.
The wild thumper wheels are pretty heavy, 150 grams each, that's 600 grams for all 4!

It looks awesome with those large wheels, but same as you I wonder if it will be able to cope with all the weight.
I like the Rover chassis because of the tracks (who doesn't like tracks?), but this looks cool too!

I wanted to use the tracks, but I got shipped the 4 motor version.
With tracks on it drew half again more current.
Speaking to a mechanic that works on mining and earth moving equipment, he said it was silly to power both ends of a track.