rover straigh with gps and magnet sensor

hey brother i have i quetsion my car dont forward and the heading degrees to compass is always some .Some one 4.02 some one 2.05 angle degress to gps work good my rover cant go to waypoint why can help me the code is this and same foto

deneme.ino (7.04 KB)

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Technique described here.

Post your code in between [code]...[/code] tags, or attach the INO file.

Did you calibrate your compass? It must be adjusted for the metal that may be near it.

no i not calibrate o dont know how calibrate

deneme.ino (7.04 KB)

i use hcm5883l calibration ino here works but with gps not work

First, set the console baud back to 115200. Sorry, I must have left the 9600 baud in there. You are printing too much information for 9600, and this will make your program lose GPS data (just like delay).

Besure to read this thread. The last reply points to some good information.

Be sure to post your code if you have new questions.