roverbot + mechanical arm with camera idea, also motor's questions

The purpose behind this project is to have a rover bot with a mechanical arm attached. The mechanical arm will have a camera attached to the end of it(rough sketch of bot below). (kind of as a fun way as surveillance, but maybe I could put a plate on it so that it can deliver food around, I really dunno.).
Another function I also would want it to have would be to have photos sent through an image recognizer online, just because I have a camera and I want to use it.

With this said, I would totally be up for any suggestions on how to make this, I was planning on using an Arduino connected to a Raspberry pi (I’ll have the camera controlled by a Raspberry pi because the Arduino can’t handle video feed very well).

for the Arduino part it will have to handle a bunch of motors and stuff, the first question I have right now is what would be the best motors for extending this arm. I think it should have fine motor movements so the camera can be placed at a set position in space, which I think it would mean either a stepper motor or a servo. I really want this thing to be as efficient as possible considering hardware complexity, power usage, and strength. The second question I have would be should make the rover part 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive.


What has been Your profession, what's Your experience regarding electronics, mechanics etc?
Maybe some stupid suggestions can be avoided knowing Your strength.

I'm a little embarrassed to tell you the truth because this project might be way outside of my capabilities. As far as education goes, I'm still a student in high school. I've taken some robotic's classes and I have learned most of the basics of Arduino stuff, like, I've built and programmed my own Arduino robot that uses a motor shield with motors to drive around (I've also added some multitasking abilities to it such as it will move to a song. I've also have built a mechanical arm using servos, but It wasn't the greatest thing). As far as my mechanical background goes, I lack significant knowledge.

I picked this project to stretch myself and to further learn the world of Arduino and robotics.

You have experience from practical work with Arduinos. A good amateur does better than a bad master engineer.
It's late here, very late so I'll look for the pillow.
Hope other helpers will pay You the respect You deserve until next time.

Why the arm? Enable camera to tilt and mount on rotating disk.
(You can get ready-made gimbles but where is the fun in that?)

That's a good suggestion, although I suppose I would like an arm because I want the robot to have the ability to view objects located in high and low places with the ability to see them from different y-axis viewpoints. I see this as important because then I'll run an image recognizer stuff on them.

Would this be a doable task?

I am out of my depth here, just common sensing. You want to think about the stability of your robot when the arm extends. Some impressive videos on YT of real life cranes loosing their balance.

lol, yeah those videos are pretty crazy. You're right though, I'll have to be very aware of this thing's stability. I'll probably need to configure some sort of ratio with arms height with the base of the build. The weighting will comes wildly into play here.

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