Rowing machine - homemade computer

Hi All,

I'd like to make a replacement for the crappy computer that came with my rowing machine. Thanks to those who replied to my thread about the sensor, I think I've now figured out how I could connect the sensor to an Arduino, and read the strokes and speed etc.

The question now is regarding a display. I already have an iPad, so in a perfect world I would have an app sitting on a stand at the front of the machine, giving me info like "strokes per minute", "distance" and "calories" etc in nice big numbers!

And maybe some more complicated stuff later, if I wanted for example to do some interval training, something that could tell me how fast to row maybe. I would also want to export the data after, so I can import into e.g. Garmin Connect.

The alternative to doing this with my iPad might be a raspberry Pi, and some kind of screen - but I don't have one already, and it seems quite expensive.

Does anyone have any suggestions for good solutions? I'm not against paying a reasonable amount for it, but given the rowing machine was only £160, I'd like to stick around £50 if I can.


the rowing machine was only £160

So not a Concept2, then :wink:

So not a Concept2, then :wink:

Hehe, no, not quite :wink:

Bluetooth to the iPad will get the data there. Then you have to write an app. There are some ecosystems that make app-writing easy. I've never looked into it for iPad.

Make sure you get the right kind of Bluetooth. I think the latest iPads only talk to Bluetooth LE or maybe it's the other way around. The Bluetooth tutorials at Adafruit and Sparkfun will tell you.