RP Lidar Object Detector


I would like to use an RP Lidra for object detection. I have built a vehicle lift and would like to use the Lidar to take a snapshot of the area under the lift as it goes up. When the lift is ready to be lowered I would like to take another snapshot then compare the two shots to see if anything has been left in the area under the lift. I would like to do a comparison because there will be the legs of the lift in the range of the lidar but these will not interfere with the operation.

I can get a serial stream from the Lidar give angles and distance but what do I do with it after that?

I think I need to put this data into some .sort of an array but not totally sure how to do this.

Any guidance would be most welcome.

How do You intend to mount, arrange the lidar?

Next question.

What is the weight of the lift? I assume that gravity moves it down, controlled by the lifting stuff, electrical or hydraulic......

The Lidar is mounted so it has a clear view of the floor when the car is being lifted. This is when I want to take the first snapshot.

No need to worry about the lift itself that is all sorted

Yes, You did tell "vehicle lift"..... I made up another picture in my mind.
You aim for a vision system. That calls for quite some memory and also processor power.
That is not really my best subject.

Search for face recognition, vision system, among the projects here.

Not an Arduino project - more like a RPi project.

You can use the Arduino to control the up/down motion, on commands given by the Pi.

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