Rp2040 Connect with e-ink Display

Release of the Nano rp2040 connect triggered me to start with programming again, so I did not think about buying one - I just did click on "buy now". Bringing everything together on one board is what I was waiting for. The small size and connectivity are the main issues needed in my long-time-growing project ideas. the power, imu, .. of the module iniitiated new project ideas already. now to start with a first step, I want to show several stati and counter values on an e-ink display (waveshare 3c 1.54inch rev 2.1), of which the first part is to run examples, then add buttons, iot cloud and remote app as well as low power modes and battery as power source later.
you may ask why I don't start with easier exaples. I will, but first I want to see hardware working together, espacially the display. Also I'm used to be thrown in to the deep end and made very good experiences with that. I did a lot of programming with vba many years ago. I think I'm into arduino very fast after the first issues solved.
Now, someone can find examples for e-ink Display with a gfx libary for nano module. As I'm new to Arduino Core a.s.o. I need help with adapting the example with the new nano rp2040 connect. what settings are needed due to the modules hardware differing from former nano. I expect none because arduino blog says that nano sketches work on the rp2040 connect like plug and play.
compiling the GxEPD2_Example.ino shows that one of some errors is with variable "display"..
I used wiring like showed in the example sketch for nano. I think that must be adopted to the pinout of rp2040 connect but I'm not sure. Which basic libaries do I need for running rp2040 connect? Are there suitable forum subjects already?

please guide me :wink: maybe some initial IDE settings are needed to work properly, too.

thanks a lot for every advise

If the e-paper screen hasn't been bought yet, you could have a look at this library for the Pervasive Displays e-paper screens with EXT3 expansion board.

It works on Arduino boards and on the Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 with the Arduino core for mbed 2.1.0 version.

According the GxEPD2 library Github page, they have their own forum page. Maybe your answer can be found on that page as it sounds like you are having a library problem rather than a problem with the board:


Good Display:

Thank you very much for answering my question!
I'll visit the libary forum as I want to use the specific display mentioned.
Just 1 day ago I found the documentation for the arduino board which was rather by accident than by my former searching for it -wondering, why this was so challanging.
So for now there are no "board problems".
If someone gets the answer to run the display with the new arduino board out of the libary forum or by experimenting earlier than me, please comment it here. otherwise I'will if not the questions is closed before.

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