RP2040: wifiNina update: no latest firmware in the list?

I cannot find version 1.4.7 in the firmware update list?? my current version for the Nano RP2040 is 1.4.5

How can I solve this?

I'm frustrated by the expensive RP2040...
I think I bought it 5 years too early.

Hi @edr1924. As you noticed, the Arduino IDE's firmware updater does not having the latest version of the firmware for the NINA module. The reason is that the latest version of the NINA firmware was released after the time of the latest Arduino IDE release. The latest firmware at the time of the IDE's release is included, but there is not currently any mechanism for the IDE to pull in firmware releases that come after that time.

There are two options for updating the firmware on your Nano RP2040 Connect to the latest version:

  • Upload a sketch via the "Sketch" tab of Arduino IoT Cloud editor. The firmware will be automatically updated at this time.
    Note: Arduino Web Editor (AKA "full editor") does not have this firmware update capability, so you must make sure to use the Arduino IoT Cloud integrated editor to do the upload.
  • Use the Arduino Firmware Uploader command line tool:

If you give one of those a try, please let me know if you have any questions or problems.

Thank you very much for your fast and helpful reply!

Sorry for venting my frustration... I love (Genuine) Arduino hardware and have made lots of fun projects with them. But I'm not an expert programmer and had unusual many 'problems' with the new Nano. But it's new so... Will try you suggestions, I'm confident they work.

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There is another option, install the hourly build of the IDE - it has the latest firmware.

You can download from https://www.arduino.cc/en/software


Thank you for your suggestion! I will try that also...

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