RpLidar A2, express scan 4000 samples per second not possible?


I am a bit stumped, I bought 2x Rplidar A2 for a project and connected them to a Teensy 3.2 that I have along with a stepper.

the RpLidar library on github only interfaces at legacy 2000 samples per second that the old laser scanner used.

Can anybody tell me how to get it to work at 4K samples?

at 2k mode I can process both lasers easily and filter the data as I wish, seems there is plenty of cycles left to do more.

I cannot recomend the A2 though, it is jittery on the output and unbalanced physicly so it shakes when doing top speed.

I am going to have to switch to the german SICK brand laser to fix some of the issues I have been having if I cannot resolve this issue, I am having to resample and average the datapoints too much to be able to work with 2000 samples/s. But switching is going to sink me $20K pluss switching protocolls to TCP IP, so I would rather ask for some help with this project first.


indeed... it suck big time.

Anyone managed to get 8000 samples per second instead of the default 2000?