RPM and Nm

For a telescope i want to buy me 2 Maxon Motor DCX to move the RA axis and declination axis, i made contact with them to ask how much weight it can handle, they ask me to provide the next information,

Environmental conditions

Im planning to use 180 mm wormwheels, use the motors as Goto and guiding.

Can someone help me with information that i can purchase the good ones.

That is impossible to say. You have to tell us a lot more.
At least give us the numbers for the RPM, Nm and so on !

Can you make a photo of the worm wheel ?
Can you make a drawing of what you want to make ?
What kind of telescope is it ?

The worm wheels make it almost impossible to calculate it. The friction by the worm wheels might be higher than the force on the wheel.
I have a project with a worm wheel that uses metal wheels with oil/grease/lube (I don't know the right English word). But the current by motor was doubled, due to wear. I thought that new fresh oil/grease/lube would help, but it didn't.

Worm gears are dominated by friction, the best thing is to measure the torque needed with the real load
attached, or failing that determine the worst case torque from the load mathematically, apply that to the
worm gear output with weight/string/drum method and measure the worst case input torque with
another weight-pan + string + drum.

Worm gears with a good datasheet might show the torque response perhaps.

Oke i understand now that i better can construct first the telescope and then choose for my motor, this construction can take a while but first thanks. :disappointed_relieved:

The questions you are asking can only be answered after you complete the mechanical DESIGN and provide us with a PDF version of a CAD file or a cell phone photo of a hand-drawn design.