rs-232 interface


I am wondering if it would be possible to interface with an rs-232 (serial bus) with an arduino. I have not purchased one but I am investigating using it on a student project to log data from a formula style racecar. The Engine control unit we have is interfaced with using rs-232 and I would like to know if this would be possible with the arduino.

Link to the ECU interface protocol

Yes you are half way there already, pins 0 & 1 carry the serial data, all you need too do is to add the voltage translation and logic inversion. There are lots of chips that will do this. I use a MAX202 but see what you can get. Also as pins 0 & 1 go to the USB as well you can use the "new software serial" library to make serial come out on any other pin.

this is a relatively cheap solution:

Well the first Arduino clone I bought used RS-232 rather then usb. I still use it a lot as my PC has serial ports as well as usb ports. It was an easy kit to assemble if you have any soldering experiance at all.

Some other inversion ideas: