RS 232 with Arduino Due hardware serial

Hello everyone, this is my first (and definitely not last) post on this forum.

I've developed a little Arduino project which communicates with LabVIEW through serial through USB. Now it turns out that our rig got moved and I'll need ~15m of cable to connect the Arduino to the computer, so I need to figure out how to get the serial connection through something else than a USB.

I've read that at the low baudrates I'm talking about (9600 bps or lower, if need be) RS-232 will be enough. Now I'm trying to figure out how to establish the connection. Is it as simple as:

Get a MAX3323, connect it to one of the hardware RX/TX terminals, plug it into the PC's COM port (fortunately, the ancient machine I'm working with has one), and then use regular etc.? Or is it much more complicated than that and I'm missing something?

Thanks a lot!

I'd get two XBees, a USB explorer, and an XBee shield for the Due. Communicate with the PC wirelessly.

The NRF series of radios are cheaper, but a little more difficult to work with.

I'd go for RS-485. Because the signal transmission is differential the cable length is not that relevant and you can go much higher with baud rates. The hardware is not much more complicate than the RS232 version, you can start with a MAX485 or similar. Cheap complete modules are also available.