RS-232C Terminal to remotely control receiver volume. Can I do that?

Hi, guys,

I'm looking for a way to remotely control the master volume on my receiver. Can I use the RS-232C terminal with some arduino magic to do that? Any help or other ideas is appreciated, even if they are "use a raspberry pi" idea.

Thanks much for the read.

What receiver? You will get much better answers if you give specific details like make/model etc

Good point. I was thinking this was a more generalized question, but i guess not. This is an older Denon. Model AVR 2805/985. I talked to Denon today to get more info. He said this was one of the first models to include a rs-232 and that it wasn't very sophisticated. He had no data on what commands it would accept. I tried to Google that but struck out there, too. I admit I'm a bit in over my head, but I like the challenge. I think I need to find what command is used for volume, but I don't know how to go about that yet. Still looking and learning.

I thank you guys with being patient and answering my probably confusing questions.

That receiver has an IR remote. It would probably be easier to get an IR LED and copy what it sends to change the volume.

Being somewhat new to playing with this technology, I didn't think of that. I will do a little research to see how to do that and let you guys know what i find.