RS-360SH 3-9V Water Pump

Good Afternoon All,

I'm quite new to the Arduino community and would like to build the following circuit. I have a Arduino Uno and would like to include the RS-360SH water pump. I bought the starter kit and I'm trying to utilise the example where a small dc motor is connected with a push button.

I've built the circuit, with the diode and IRF520 transistor. Yet, I cannot seem to get the pump going. I'm using a normal 9V battery as external power source. When hooking up die water pump to the battery directly it works quite well. Yet now I would like to include the Arduino and once that is sorted I would like to include a YF-S402 flow sensor which I bought.

Could you please give me some assistance as to whether I'm using the correct transistor? It would be much appreciated if you could give me a idea as to how to determine the correct transistor as my electrical knowledge is a bit short coming.

Thank you in advance.

Post your code a draw a diagram of how everything is connected and post a photo of your drawing. Note that a photo of the actual hardware is unlikely to show wiring connections properly. A PP3 type of 9v battery is unlikely to be suitable as it can’t provide much current or much energy. A pack of AA NiMh batteries would be much better.


Thank you for your reply as well as your suggestions.

Here is the circuit which I used. It is from the starter kit project 09. I only replaced the motor received inside the kit with the water pump.

The IRF520 is an ancient MOSFET, its not logic level so you can't use it from 5V, and its hopeless for high current as it has a massive Rds(on) of 0.27 ohms. You want a device with more like 0.05 ohms or less and that is logic level. And a free-wheel diode across the motor.

That motor will pull several amps at stall I think, so AA rechargables are a minimum requirement for powering it I suspect.