I work in the navy, and in my ship I have a Ring laser gyroscope that sends NMEA information to a digital heading repeater. This information is sent in RS-422 protocol.
What happens now is that this Digital Heading Repeater is not working properly and I am thinking on making a digital heading repeater with Arduino.
I have neve user this protocol before and I don´t have any idea on how to get the heading from the NMEA string coming in RS422 protocol.

I tried connecting it to the Rx pin, to see the signal in the serial port of the computer, but it did not work at all.

Please I need you help!!!

Even the Swiss navy would know not to expect to read RS422 using a UART.


Google "connect rs422 to computer", then get a copy of the gyro documentation from the manufacturer.

You'll probably need to get your self-built Arduino repeater certified by your shipping insurer. If this is for use in a big ship you could end up in jail if something goes wrong.