RS latches


I need help for my aplications. I build circuit with rs latches and I need the output from rs latches open pnp transistor . Voltage from latches is 5v and the voltage on the emiter is 20V. Have anyone idea which transitor use for this aplications . with this aplications I run brake or clutch . Thank you

Google "high side switch", images. You see pictures of two-transistor circuits. One small-signal NPN transistor with emiter to ground, and a ~1k base resistor. And a PNP power transistor with emiter to a higher voltage rail, e.g. 20volt. Part selection depends on the load current. Post details. Leo..

OK, here's the deal.

You post a diagram of how you propose to wire the transistors, the complete circuit and the specification of your solenoids or whatever, and we will firstly tell you whether you are doing it correctly, and then suggest what transistors might be suitable.