RS Rechargeable Soldering Iron 545-008 power req?

Hi All

I wonder can anyone advise me on this please...

I have what was an excellent RS Rechargeable Soldering Iron - part number 545-008, but I am unable to locate the accompanying power supply unit for it.

So I look on the RS www site and it is there, but at a whopping £36!!! So, given that I have many high power rated PSU's hanging around here I thought I'd simply rig up my own PSU for it.

So... I look on the RS www site for details and I see there is a separate datasheet for both the iron and the supply unit. However, nothing is shown as to the DC out supply - which leads me to wonder what exactly I'd be paying £36 for!

Can anyone advise what the power supply to this device might be please? Does it have an in-built unit that accepts 240V AC, or is it powered by a high wattage 24/12V DC power unit?

Hope someone can advise please. Thanks.

Link to power supply unit: Link to Rechargeable Soldering Iron: