RS stocks Arduino

I just noticed the bit on twitter about this. If you go to the RS website, find the duemilanove and download the PDF data sheet, there is a very nice dimensioned drawing of the board available for all the shield self etchers.

Old fogey here:

When you say "RS" - I think "Radio Shack" - so I thought, "Cool, the Shack is stocking this with the Basic Stamp stuff" - I go there, no dice - or at least I wasn't able to find it at first glance...

I am suspecting that the term "RS" has taken on a different meaning.

How about this, for next time: Quit being lazy, spell out the acronym, and post a link, k?

Thank you.



It is RS like in RS electronics, here the site:

and here some Arduinos:

change the "se" for your country's acronym and you are all set :-)


Yes, sorry about that, over on my side of the pond, everybody that does electronics knows who RS is but I forgot about our worldwide community. ::)

Cool - and thank you; another new place for me to shop in the future!


Hmm - unfortunately, they don't stock the 2009 (but they have the ATMega chips)...


I too thought that was referring to Radio Shack, and actually got a bit excited.

Ah well :P.

WOW, RS is one of my favorite suppliers, and now even more :D