RS1307 not compatible with TXS0108E?

I try to use a HTU21D (3.3V) and a RS1307 (5V) at the same time on Arduino Pro Mini (5V). I connect the Arduino I2C wires to the 5V side on TXS0108E,so as RS1307, and connect HTU21D on the 3.3V side. But when I drive the OE on TXS0108E HIGH, the output of RS1307 became strange as below:

2165/165/165 (Saturday) 165:165:85 since midnight 1/1/1970 = 1552693585s = 17970d now + 7d + 30s: 2019/3/23 12:16:31 24935

The Arduino can't detect RS1307. But if I connect the OE to GND, RS1307 worked again, but HTU21D will stop working, since it will make TXS0108E into High-Z state.

So how to make HTU21D and RS1307 works at the same time using TXS0108E?