RS232 connection with GPS sensor

I have an old, but still good, gps sensor (Garmin 17N) which communicates with my PC via a RS232 cable. Now I would like to connect it to my Arduino Due in order to get my position and speed. There's no problem about software (I'm going to use the TinyGPS++ library), but I need some clarifications about the hardware side. I've done some research over the internet and I found that I need to convert the rs232 connection into a TTL one and, to do this, I've also read that a lot of people recommend the MAX232 chip, which I found in this shield: Anyway, I suppose it works at 5V and, searching for a 3.3V chip that could work with Due, I found the MAX3223. Do you know anything about these chips? Do they really work with Arduino Due?

Thanks in advance, Michele