rs232 converter 2.8v

Hi, I attached a rs232 device on RX and TX pins of my board but I need a TTL converter because the output of the rs232 is not TTL compatible, so I bought this one and I figured out I need 2.8V as Vcc, so I built a voltage divider to get 2.8v as Vout. I attached to Vcc but I can not read the serail data vie the converter. If I wire directly the rs232 device into the board it works fine but the data read is not correct. Before to build the voltage driver I powered the converter with 5V, is it possibile that I burned out it? Otherwise how can i debug it? Thank you

If you want to use that level converter with the Arduino you have to power it with 5V. If you power it with 2V8 you don't get TTL level but 2V8 CMOS level. So power it with 5V when you use a 5V signal level.

ok, so just power it with 5v and link to rs232 terminal, rs232 is +-13V level. should it works fine?

RS232 is +/- 15V.

should it works fine?

If you connected it properly it should. If you draw us a schematics how you wired everything we might check your setup.