RS232 integration and SMS text message controls: Project ready to start!

Need assistance / Someone to program the following.

RS232 9 pin comm port to aurduino uno board Some type of GSM module (T-Mobile? or other)

ability to send a SMS from my cell to the GSM SIM card. Enable X (X = a number) Aurduino receives text, then sends text across the RS232 port Logi Username enter. Password enter. LD 37 enter, receive " . ", ENL TTY X, Stat TTY X, (if enabled, SMS is sent back to the cell # that sent the command "TTY X ENABLED!", **** enter, LOGO enter,

If we can limit 1 cell phone number, or a few, which the aurduino will listen to, that would be great.

have a budget for it, PM me please, ONLY if you have the experience, the time, and can produce this. please note: I have a Uno, but am willing to buy whatever is recommended.