RS232 projector

Hi there

I have a question regarding the RS232 communication with a projector.
The Arduino is supposed to send a command to turn the projector on.
I use a Sparkfun RS232 Shifter Board Kit (PRT-00133) to turn TTL into RS232.
The shifter board TX and RX are connected to pin 0 and 1 of the Arduino.
It actually works fine with a Panasonic PT-D5700E, but not with the Sanyo PLC TWC500L

This is the Arduino code for the Panasonic PT-D5700E that is working:

Serial.print(0x02, BYTE); // STX
Serial.print(0x41, BYTE); // A
Serial.print(0x44, BYTE); // D
Serial.print(0x5A, BYTE); // Z
Serial.print(0x5A, BYTE); // Z
Serial.print(0x3B, BYTE); // ;
Serial.print(0x50, BYTE); // P
Serial.print(0x4F, BYTE); // O
Serial.print(0x4E, BYTE); // N
Serial.print(0x03, BYTE); // ETX

I can also to this directly from processing with an USB to serial adapter.
Then it looks like this:


Now the part where i'm stuck.

For the Sanyo PLC TWTC500L it works fine from Processing


But it doesn't work with the Arduino:

Serial.print(0x43, BYTE); // C
Serial.print(0x30, BYTE); // 0
Serial.print(0x30, BYTE); // 0
Serial.print(0x0D, BYTE); // CR

What am I missing here?
I think the projector is not understand the command at all.
It should give a answer when it receives something and that would make the RX LED on the Arduino blink but it doesn't.

Here are the serial command specifications for both projectors:
Sanyo PLC-WTC500
Panasonic PT-D5700

Any help is welcome.

So long,

Did you ever have any luck getting this to work?