RS422 to Arduino via MAX1348

Hey Community,

I need your help with this: Basically I have a weather sensor sending it's data every second via RS422 as soon as it is powered (Protocols:NMEA 0183 • WIMWV • WIMHU • WIMMB • WIMTA).
Sensor: EOLOS-IND - Static weather sensor: LAMBRECHT meteo GmbH - Your partner for professional environmental measuring technology

Connecting lines A, B and GND to

DSD TECH SH-U12 RS485 to TTL 5V Board with MAX13487 Chip

and RX, TX, 5V, GND to a USB/UART.

Via Arduino IDE I opened the Serial Terminal and receive every second a random string


instead of a String containing the data.

Baud Rate set to 4800 as required by the manufacturer.

I swapped lines A and B, RX and TX, tried different Baudrates without success.

Any Ideas? According to the manufacturer no parsing of data is requiered since it is send in ASCII format.

problem solved: wiring through screwing terminal was not optimal.... missing contact of wires....

subject can be deleted :slight_smile: