RS485 Communication

Hi everyone, I am working in a project that communicate one master and two slaves through RS485, so I show the schematic in the picture adjunct, how you can see the master is labview and the slaves are two arduins, I have to make four things for each slave, [receive analog information from a sensor (LDR), send PWM to control the brightness in a led, receive a pulse extern to turn on o turn off a led in labview and finally sent a pulse from labview to turn on or turn off a led connected in arduino], I elaborate a VI with this four things, I must use serial communication for that so I cannot use LIFA o LINX, well as you now I have to read or write in the buffer that works just with string information, I used concatenated string to junct the PWM sent and the logic sent, I have to read that in the two arduinos but I don’t now how do that, for the other side I used a Match Pattern, to separet logic to analogic information that arduinos have to receive, I am starting with arduinos programation but I am lightly new in that, I need help from you, I hope you can help me, I adjunct the VI and arduino programation.

Redes1ard.ino (995 Bytes)

I only looked at Screenshot_1

and have a comment. RS-485 is half duplex communication. I'm not sure the best way to explain that, but radios from years past had a button that you pushed to talk. The RS-485 transceiver also has a line that you use to push to talk, anyway I don't see anything you have done to do that.

Maybe nick gammon's RS485 communications can be of help.