rs485 end node

I have physically space issue with one of my rs485 node. I am using arduino nano with such a

rs485 shield, but this setup is physically to large. I don't feel comfortable with making my own pcb, so is there a smaller setup available out there? since its my end node, do i need an rs485 shield or would some resistors do the work?

You need an RS485 buffer to convert the 2 signals at +/-3V to a 0 to 5V signal.
You can get just a chip, like MAX488, a 0.1uF cap, and maybe a 120 ohm resistor (see below) and wire them up in whatever space you have.

Here's a good article.

Selecting and using RS-232,, RS-422, RS-485 Serial Data Standards AN723.pdf (251 KB)

thanks,I was hoping I didn't need max488 since its an end node and its slave that I could just use wire it straight into the nano. its gonna be a tight fit..

this might fit: rs485