RS485 Info for Epsolar Tracer 1210AN

I have a Epsolar Tracer 1210AN charge controller that I trying to configure for an Arduino Uno. I'm using a RS485 interface. I can't find any setup info for 1210 controller. My issues:

  1. I don't know the correct pins to use from the controller's Ethernet connection to the RS 485 board. I've tried 2 and 3.

  2. I'm not sure what the Slave address would be. I've tried Address 1

  3. I'm not sure what the register addresses are that give me the info from the charge controller (Voltage, Current, Etc.).

My code compiles fine. I'm just getting juke on the serial monitor.

Thanks for the help.

rs-485 is not for ethernet. it for an RS-232 like serial interface, pins 0&1 on an Arduino UNO

of course those pins are being used to download code and communicate with the serial monitor. a Software Serial interface could be used on different pins or an Arduino Mega which has 4 serial interfaces

I understand. The Tracer1210AN has an RJ45 connector than interfaces with the RS485 board.

not sure what this is saying.

does the Trace have a connector intended to specifically connect to some external RS-485 board or generically to some type of serial interface, or is the connector the interface to an RS-485 chip on the Tracer board?

if the Tracer simply has a serial interface: TX, RX and Ground, there's no need for any RS-485 conversion.

The charge controller has a RS485 communication port (which is a RJ45 connector) which uses the Modbus protocol to talk serially. It is my understanding, along with many people on youtube that have connected like devices to a Arduino, that a RS485 interface is needed.

RS-485 describes the electrical interface. I don't believe is specs a specific connector

it seems you need something with an RS-485 interface on it that can be connected to the Arduino and to your Tracer. (i've not used these types)

The Arduino connections will include Ground, TX, RX and a pin to enable transmit.

between the RS-485 interface will be a pair (2 wires). you'll need to figure out the polarity of the wires, A need to connect to A.

RS-485 simply translates the digital (0/5V) RX and TX signals to a balanced pair. nothing more complicated. but the polarity must be correct for it to work

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