RS485 / LABVIEW / arduino


So I'm wondering about the RS485, for some time now I have been wondering how i can control the outputs of my Arduino from LabVIEW. I am bringing in data from LabVIEW in the form of an array of data such as (pwm1 pwm2 pwm3 pwm4 pwm5)
where these PWM values can be any number between 0 and 255 for example (255 212 80 100 2)

My problem is i am struggling to write the code to do this.

COM3 the predominantly LABVIEW will be open acting as the user interface the user sends signals to Arduino and the Arduino outputs the values to the field devices.

Finally Is RS485 a simple solution to this issue? I have looked into it a lot and cannot find a succinct answer. Or is it better to write the instructions? If so could someone help me out?

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Search for "Labview Arduino"

Search for “Labview Arduino”

Yes LIFA but its not what i am looking for.

RS485 or is there another way

I think that labview search will show you addi ins for labview to control Arduino as you wish .
Arduino doesn’t come with RS485, nor does your computer . RS485 is a multidro coms network and can’t see why it would help

RS-485 requires driver modules (hardware!) for both your PC and Arduino.