RS485 RFID reader


I have one arduino, one rs485 shield from cutedigi and 2 RFID readers connected on the shield (reader-ID = 00 and 01) I have 3 tags to be identified, if a tag is on the list the user receives a good beep message and the relay on port D2 wil open the door. When tag is presented not listed the user receives a bad beep message.

Polling reader 00 for data = 02h30h30h05h85h03h Polling reader 01 for data = 02h30h31h05h84h03h

How can i best proceed to write my program ?

Regards Melkske

and 2 RFID readers

Numbered 0 and 1. That doesn't really tell us a lot about them. What brand are they? What model? What frequency? What format is the output in? What encoding?

In other words, where's the data sheet for them?

Why do you need two readers?

hi, i'm looking for a low cost rfid reader with rs485 interface; can you tell me which rfid did you use for your application?

thanks for your help markuz


I've done exactly that and believe I can point you in the right direction:

RFID Reader: It's output is RS232, but...

MAX485: Feed the RFID reader output directly into the Driver Input on one of these chips. On the other chips feed the Receiver Output directly into the Arduino RX. Use up to 4000 feet of cat5 or cat6 between the two MAX485's on pins 6 and 7. Terminating resistors may or may not be necessary.

More Info: I've written a blog post on using these chips. What I didn't mention in the post is that my actual use case for them was with the RFID reader.

Hope that helps!