RS485 TO arduino

請益單向數位瓦特計2406B 使用RS232轉RS485經由MAX485模組連接至ARDUINO讀取電流電壓資訊? 希望能夠有詳盡的接線圖與程式範例 Requests instruction unidirectional several indicating wattmeter 2406B to use RS232 to transfer RS485 by way of the MAX485 mold train connection to the ARDUINO read electric current voltage information? The hope can have the exhaustive wiring diagram and the formula model

Connect the RS485 module to a Serial port (Rx/Tx). If you need multiple serial devices, SoftwareSerial or AltSoftSerial libraries can be used, or an Arduino Mega with 4 serial ports.

You may find better assistance in the Chinese forum section.

In 90% of applications, 20mA, RS232, RS485 or RS422 work in [u]exactly[/u] the same way as each other.

The major differences are in the signalling levels and duplex control, but as far as the hardware and software interface to the micro is concerned they are almost identical. They all use similar bitrates, word length, parity and start/stop word framing... and all demand the transmitter/receiver are configured identically.

Each has benefits, but that is less to do with the micro/interface - and more to with noise rejection, distance and speed of the comms circuit.