Rsp_no_target_power AGAIN

Hi all,

I have a custom board that is not playing the game. When I try to upload a sketch I get this error.


It does have power as there is a display attached and it works. The progammer (jtag2UPDI) is also working I think as the custom board resets when I try to program it. The HV pulse LED flashes as it should. The custom board is powered by a seperate 12V power supply with a 5V reg on the board. All the grounds are connected.

The Custom board was able to be programmed before but I have added the programming and power to a custom test box. I have checked and rechecked the wiring many times.

Any ideas????

Post a schematic not a frizzy thing as you have it wired showing all connections. Include links to every hardware device you reference in the schematic including the power supply.

Here is the schematic. This worked fine prior to adding to a test box. It is going to be something very simple.
PIGPI_R3.pdf (144.2 KB)

It would be easier for most of us if you would have posted the schematic in a post instead of as attachment :wink:

Someone must have an idea.

How do you have the updi programmer connected? Typically it will want updi, Gnd, and Vtarget (5v). The only connector where you have updi seems non-standard, and doesn’t have Vtarget.

Unfortunately there are not enough external pins to have Vtarget. I was of the understanding that so long as the board had 5V and GNDs were common it would work. I am sure this is how I had it hooked up this way on the bench. I was trying to make sure I was emulating the real world situation.

Hmm. I see that the ElTangas JTAG2UPDI firmware will return "no target power" in the case of any timeout trying to talk to the device, and I don't think it actually senses Vtarget for real.

What exact "programmer" hardware are you using? And did you ever change the UPDI pin function? Is your JTAG2UPDI firmware updated to the latest version?

I am using Dlloyds programmer which was working fine. The UPDI pin is set to GPIO but that hasn't been a problem before. This wht I am confused.

I spent all weekend checking and rechecking, trying different configs, 2 programmers (nanos and HV boards) and still nothing.

Totally lost.

Is there a better programmer?

Apparently there are very few UPDI programmers that support the 12V pulse to enter programming mode. Maybe a PICKit-4 (at least then you'd have a major vendor to complain at if it doesn't work.)

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