RSS feed url?

I’d like to monitor new posts on this forum but i cannot find the feed url…
Google reader suggests this:
but I tried it in liferea (the newsreader I’m using) andI get only an error:
“The URL you want Liferea to subscribe to points to a webpage and the auto discovery found no feeds on this page. Maybe this webpage just does not support feed auto discovery.Could not determine the feed type.”

That's the old forum...

For the whole forum try this one:;action=.xml Average 1048.8 posts per week :/

I monitor all but the international forums and I'm soon going to have to stop doing that as there are far too many posts to keep a track of - I very selectively read them now due to the number that there are.

This should help:,49886.msg356022.html#msg356022


I use this for the blog: